Monday, July 06, 2009

Nine Weekends in 2009

You want to try and have a crazy summer sometime? Try having a baby in July. That will compress your ENTIRE summer in to the front half. In our case, that meant nine consecutive weekends of one or both Julie and I being busy, either out of town or at parties.

Since I plainly didn't have time to blog all this, here is my abbreviated account :

5/7/2009 - 5/9/2009 : Adventure Camp at Lake Geneva

This trip was sort of the "final exam" for my Living Fire class at church. The weather was fantastic. The camp was fantastic. Most of all, the people and the atmosphere were out of this world, literally.


5/15/2009-5/17/2009 : Partying with XBox friends at Indianapolis

I hadn't been to one of these gatherings since October of 2007, so when I found out the group was doing another one, I made arrangements to join them. My good friend Kevin let me stay at his place and so it was quite cheap. The laughs and the fun were so good that I bought a used XBox (from the guy on the far right, actually - more on that in a moment) to replace the one I had sold about 12 months prior.


5/23/2009 : Turkey Run Canoe Trip with Dad

In February, Dad half jokingly asked if I was up for a camping trip in April. I think he half fell out of my couch when I called his bluff and said "Sure!". We did this canoe run as a compromise. We took the whole 15mi trip and it was awesome. Good quality time with dad outdoors on a canoe on a beautiful day - can't beat it!


5/30/2009 : Living Fire Year End Picnic

To celebrate the end of Year One, our Living Fire group got together with all of our families to celebrate. We played bean bags, we chased our kids up and down the hill, we had fun. By the way, the sticks represent the folks who couldn't make it, Nick and Sara.


6/5/2009 - 6/7/2009 : Adam and Aimee's wedding

Our little girl was requested to be flower girl and our little boy was requested to be a ring bearer. The wedding was great fun and again we had terrific weather. And daddy's little girl was so beautiful, daddy almost had a breakdown.


6/11/2009 - 6/13/2009 : Mommy's Free Weekend

Julie dumped the kids at my Mom's and then flew off with her friend Amy for the weekend to sunny Kelleys Island, OH where she stayed with my Aunt Peg and visited my Williams grandparents at the cottage.


6/19/2009 - 6/22/2009 : Daddy's Free Weekend

We had a special guest this year for the boys' trip to Kelleys - Matthew! We were finally able to get the picture I'd been thinking about for years now with four generations in the same frame.


This has been done once before as well.


6/27/2009 : Garage Sale and Visiting the Neals

In the morning, we threw all our junk out on the driveway and invited people to haul it away for 50c an item. There weren't that many takers for the two hours we were open, and we took most of it to Goodwill.

I mentioned earlier that my visit to the LAN spurred me to start playing XBox again. Well, on this weekend we finally got around to doing it. But rather than just exchange purchases, we brought both families together with their three kids and our two kids. We went down to their pool, we had dinner together, we had fun - again, under incredibly beautiful weather. However, silly me forgot to bring the camera, so I stole this shot off Don's Facebook page.


7/2/2009 - 7/4/2009 : Anniversary 2009

I think this has been fairly well covered at this point, so just a picture will suffice!


Next stop : Baby #3 due in four weeks or sooner!

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