Friday, June 06, 2008

Bachelor Edition

Thankfully this installment of the WFW will be picture-free. Bachelors can be fun but they're usually not photogenic when home alone.

So Julie is off on the Island with her girlfriend galavanting about. About 3 months ago when they planned this, I was supposed to be busy at work, so she made other arrangements for the children. My work stuff got moved around so I'm officially bach-ing it this weekend.

So far, so good.

Watched a movie. After spending an hour (literally) trying to figure out how to make a movie from my PC stream to one of the 2 $200+ boxes that I bought that are SUPPOSED to stream video (and didn't in case you couldn't tell), I finally said hell with it and hooked up my ipod to the TV and watched it that way. Ugh, though. Ugh. By the way, two hours LATER TODAY and I believe I am finally set to watch a movie from my PC on my TV. I can hear someone screaming "Why don't you just get a DVD player?!?" My answer? I am lazy, and I refuse to go to the video store to rent something I can watch from my PC. And now it works, I think...(I hope)

Watched the last 5 minutes of Game 1 of the NBA Finals last night - terrific game. Too bad the next one isn't until next week. Yo David Stern - are you nuts? I was mildly interested in a sport I usually could care less about but if I'm waiting four days for the next game, I'll find other things to occupy my time, thank you very much.

This morning I wrestled myself out of bed at 7am (yawn...) and drove myself to Baker's Square (which is coincidentally right next door to Blockbuster, but we covered that already, right? Plus, they weren't open at that hour, I think...anyways, not the point, back to the story...) I had a lovely gut-busting breakfast of Belgian Waffle, 2 over easy eggs, toast and bacon (kinda rubbery, I must say...) It was wonderful. I had my paper with me and some barely above average restaurant coffee. (ok, who am I kidding - their coffee tastes like it was strained through an unwashed sock...) Anyways, the meal was quite good. The only problem was the manager kept busting the chops of our waitress and and she was doing a fine job...not sure what the issue was there.

Came home, read my daily internet blogs out on the patio with a glass of cold water while listening to my ipod. Sheer bliss.

I've been participating in a computer music group inspired by the music of Moby (don't worry if you don't know who that is) to create ambient electronic music pieces for our church's videos. We had a contest this month to see who could write the best song based on a particular sub-genre. I wrote a piece loosely based on HAL-9000 from the 1969 movie "2001". Yes, it was every bit as weird as that sounds. I'll let you know who won - chances are, not me. :)

During said musical composition, I decided to make myself lunch. Julie left me with some awesome Johnsonville Bratwurst. Just no buns. So I cut it up and ate it plain. Yah know what helps when you're making bratwurst? IT HELPS IF YOU TURN OFF THE STOVE AFTER YOU'RE DONE. oops. I think that pan is about done cuz there's flaky black stuff and it ain't coming off.

So at some point today, I decided to go to Wal-Mart.

I have no idea why Wal-Mart should be packed like it's Christmas at 3pm on the first Friday in June, but there were people from wall to wall inside, and none of them were in much of a hurry to do anything other than get in my way. I'm not the most impatient person in the world, but for pete's sake, pick a side of the aisle and stay on it so I can get through, please. :)

Anwyays. I was down to my last item on my shopping list. Ever wrote something down and then have just NO CLUE what it is you wrote? That happened to me today. My note said "M Stix". Go ahead, take a minute and think it through for yourself. Give up? Me too. I spent 15 minutes walking up and down the grocery aisle of Wal-Mart trying to figure out what in the WORLD could be "M Stix". Thankfully, I finally passed the holy grail of bachelor foods, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese and my note revealed itself to me - "Margarine Sticks". Whew. How would I have made Mac and Cheese without Margarine? I don't want to think about it.

While rolling through the aisles, I heard a sound coming from the electronics department that could only be one thing - STAR WARS on DVD!!! It's sad - I know. I've seen the movie no less than 500 times in my life, but the fact that it was on meant that I had to make every exceuse imagineable to pass by the electronics department just to check on the movie. I was practically reciting the script as I made my way through the store. I know - I need help. Do they have AA for Star Wars addicts?

I also stopped to pick up some headache medication because I've discovered that the aspirin, tylenol, caffeine pill combo really is the magic elixir for headaches. Dad's presecription of tylenol + ibuprofen had been working less and less recently. I was merely looking for a single bottle of the generic medicine, but they don't sell it in single bottles - they sell it in a "two pack." I thought "Why do I need two bottles of generic Excedrin?" How little did I know.

I don't want to tell you about how long I had to stand in line in THE EXPRESS AISLE. But I'm gonna, anyway. Maybe it's not marked that way, but I think everyone has fairly clear understanding that the aisles without the conveyor belts are for 10 items or fewer. It's just common knowledge. So why was I standing behind some woman who was buying herself a NEW SUMMER WARDROBE? To make matters worse, she appeared to be there with another woman who may have been her adult daughter and what looked like her daughter's two foster kids who were sitting in a cart... a metal cart... and complaining about it. And then they saw the candy shelf. Oh dear. There's going to be a brew ha ha. Here's the thing, though. Why bring the kids to Wal-Mart if you're not going to buy them anything and you're pretty sure they're going to misbehave? I mean, it was pretty obvious to me they had done this kind of thing before. I think sometimes people just like to torture themselves as a way of getting through the day.

So I finally got home and spent more time tinkering with my computer trying to get the aforementioned video to work (showtime starts as soon as this blog is over! We're watching TRANSFORMERS! Woo Hoo! The dog just rolled his eyes at me and went upstairs.) and then I went for a walk around the nieghborhood. I was passed not once but twice by high school aged girls who were out running. That made me feel really sad about my lack of physical conditioning (I still can't run without pain) and REALLY OLD.

So for Saturday morning, I somehow talked myself into going to a men's bible study at SIX THIRTY IN THE MORNING. That's what naps are for, right?

Time for some mac and cheese and MOVIE!

Have a great weekend, all.

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Julie said...

That was really funny!
Ah, yes, the Wal-mart secrets that I dare not share. How to get the shopping done with out strangling everyone inside.... :)
cackle cackle cackle