Thursday, June 12, 2008


From : Julie 6/12/08

I had to share this with you! OH MY GOSH! It's too adorable. So, this morning, I told Kelley I was going to give her her very own garden. I think this idea sprouted from my friend Amy buying plants for each of her was an impulse. We have an area of the yard that I'd love to plant up, but it's at the bottom of a very long list of things, and weeding is half the things on our list...impossible to keep up.

So, I thought this way, Kelley can learn more about gardening & planting, and the area will get developed at least a little.
She's taken the garden totally to heart as her own. In the picture you'll see one little plant. It is a baby from one of our neighbor Katie's plants just on the other side of the fence. It seeded itself in the rocks you see to the right. So, I helped Kelley rake the ground a little to remove some weeds and even it out. Then I showed her how to transplant her little baby plant. Let her even pick the spot.

We planted her and Kelley decided all of her plants in her garden would have a name. So, welcome little Ashley. So, this picture that you see. Kel asked if she could go outside and read her book. I said, sure. Assuming that like Daddy and I she'd sit under the umbrella at the table. I went about my business and came back a couple minutes later to see that she wasn't anywhere around in the back.....and then I thought, "she isn't......." Sure enough she is over in "her garden". I went to get the camera to take a picture, and low and behold, she's not just reading, she's reading out loud to Ashley.

She came in a bit ago to tell me that she had to stop because a bug was...bugging her. But she told Ashley that she'd read to her again tomorrow. The cuteness just KILLS ME!!!! sigh!

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