Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas 2008 - Grumpa Pete Style!

So today we finally closed off Christmas 2008 with a visit from Grandpa Pete.

First things first - Matt, are you sure you are ready for those shoes?

DSC05443.jpg picture by JRock3x8

And Kelley is down to no front teeth!

DSC05444.jpg picture by JRock3x8

Back to Grandpa Pete! So after more of our typical goofing around :

DSC05447.jpg picture by JRock3x8

and MORE goofing around... (somone stop the presses - Grandpa Pete is NOT drinking Mountain Dew in this pic!!!)

DSC05446.jpg picture by JRock3x8

...we finally got down to some serious business - presents for Grandpa Pete!

First up, thermal workout gear (wrong size - our bad)

DSC05451.jpg picture by JRock3x8

and a picture frame with this picture in it :

Copyof0054.jpg picture by JRock3x8

Grandpa Pete decided he only wanted half of the picture. Take a guess who's covered up with his handkerchief (rolls eyes). Thanks, Dad. :)

DSC05454.jpg picture by JRock3x8

Also included with the pictures was a picture of Matt

0047.jpg picture by JRock3x8

You know it wouldn't be a Grandpa Pete visit if we didn't go to the park, even if it's 20 below zero outside (okay not really, but it was COLD).

DSC05460.jpg picture by JRock3x8

DSC05463.jpg picture by JRock3x8

Next up was our typical trip to Culver's where I got so lost in my decadent double bacon cheeseburger, french fries, Mountain Dew and Chocolate Peanute Butter Concrete Mixer that I forgot to take pictures of all the merry making (and eating).

Also not pictured is us telling the kids to use their "inside" voices when they got a bit too excited and Grandpa Pete replying in a very loud voice, "YAH KIDS! USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE!" Grr, Grandpa Pete!!!

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