Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School - the Redux

So here we go again...

Tomorrow is Kelley's first day of first grade. Unfortunately/fortunately for me, I won't be there to bawl all over her because I have to go to work to attend my own training class. Seriously though, the lack of pomp and circumstance when you hand your loving child over to these teachers is just appalling.

It's good, though, it's good, I'm good, I... think... I'm... good...... ANYWAYS!

I got home from work today and normally Kel comes running down the stairs to give me a big old hug. But not tonight. So I went upstairs to see what she was up to. She greeted me with my usual enthusiastic hug and then I asked her if she knew what tomorrow was? "YES!" she said. "Are you ready?" I asked. Dumb question.

She directed me over to her preselected wardrobe for tomorrow. Get a load of this...

Piece #1 is the dress. Multiple colors, cheery but with a hint of fall. Note the pronounced flower.


Next up were the accessories.

Orange hairclips to match the orange stripes in the dress (This is her narrating, by the way), pink headband to match the flower. And lovely dress socks.


BEE EE YOO TIFUL pink shoes (bought on sale from Target -what a deal!)


and a nice white undershirt (to keep things conservative-this is school after all)


Now let me clarify one thing - I did not position any of these items for the photograph - that is EXACTLY how it looked when I walked into her room this evening.

She may be a nut...


...but she's my nut! :)

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