Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mister Mom

It's been a week of illness at the Williams household. I had a really bad headache last Saturday, followed by a sore throat on Sunday. Neither were the worst I'd ever had, and I assumed it would be a brief period of illness that no one else would get.

As usual, I was wrong. Both kids have been sick this week, and yesterday it took hold of Julie. Last night, she took NyQuil Gelcaps in an effort to get some solid sleep so she could make it through today. Whatever was in those gelcaps didn't work. She tossed and turned all night long with alternating chills and fever, and this morning when she tried to stand up, her legs didn't work. She's resting and recovering now, but it hasn't been a pleasant day for her.

So I got to play Mr. Mom today. And I'm ready to go back to my real job. Just kidding, sort of.

We have been trying very diligently to get Matthew to do #1 and #2 on the potty. I daresay he's got #1 down pretty good, but #2 only happens away from the potty so far, much to Julie's chagrin. So part one of the day was trying to persuade Mr Matthew to do a #2 on the potty. No luck on that yet, but it hasn't happened away from the potty either which is a small victory.

We went to pick up Kelley from school only to find that the rear tire on the van was flat almost to the ground. For those who missed the fun from a week ago, the rear driver tire on the Prizm had to be replaced due to a more severe problem of the same nature. So, Matt and I went and got Kelley from school in the Prizm instead.

Then we had lunch. Matthew decided he was going to circumvent PB&J week (we have a calendar for lunches) by requesting a hot dog. I agreed on the condition that he was "in BIG Trouble" if he didn't finish it. Kelley politely munched through a Peanut Butter sandwich without issue (as is normally the case). Matthew picked up the hot dog out of the bun, ketchup and all, and started eating it. I told him he needed to eat the bun too. He took 2 bites of the bun and pronounced as only Matthew can "MY Finished!". I said "Matthew, eat the bun" with my deep daddy voice. He smushed it to pieces with his finger and then decided I wasn't joking. He got about 80% of the way through the pieces and then decided he couldn't eat another bite, but he still wanted crackers, candy, and cookies. We stared each other down for about an hour, with me threatening, pleading, negotiating, arguing and doing anything else that I could think of to get him to eat those pieces. I went out to the garage to pump up the very low tire and I thought about reaching for the power tools to smush those pieces into his mouth. I came back and he had was hiding from me. I ushered him back to the table and he ate the two pieces of bun left, making a quite a scene of himself while doing so.

And I thought to myself, "Why?"

This is why I go to the office and Mommy stays at home.

All was made well when I brought Mommy her lunch and the kids gave her hugs and kisses to make her feel better.

Afterwards, Kelley had her first "Wonka Fun Dip". For the unitiated, the "Fun Dip" consists of two pouches, one containing a solid block of sugar called the dipping stick and the other is a packet full of flavored sugar. The concept is that you dip the solid sugar stick into the flavored powdered sugar and the powder sticks to the solid stick. Any kid's best friend. It was fun to watch her dip the stick into the candy very gingerly at first as if she thought it was going to be poisonous. Five minutes later, I actually considered asking her if she'd rather have a spoon than the dipping stick as nearly licked the package clean. It was almost as much fun as watching her the first time she sipped on a milkshake. We're still waiting for her to come up for air.

Flashback to 2004 :

(Sniff!) Where has my baby girl gone?!?

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