Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Heartfelt Apology

Background : a few weeks ago I posted a video of my lovely wife rocking out to the sounds of Nirvana :

She was not pleased.

In fact, after this video came to light, my loving wife broke up our band. We had played together in Chicago and we had a bright future with me on the guitar and her on the microphone, but she said "no more". I had embarassed her and she wasn't going on stage with me anymore.

Well, Sweetie - here's your apology - I'm Sorry :

Let's put the band back together, baby!

PS : If she was embarassed BEFORE, I can only imagine how embarassed she'll be NOW!!!

PPS : Oh and just in case you think my version is a bit much, check out the real thing on YouTube : - Yikes.

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