Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Looking Back - September 2009 - Christopher's Baptism

Matthew's birthday was actually a double header. After we finished dinner, we all packed up into our various cars and went to church to celebrate the baptism of our youngest, Mr. Christopher Burton Williams.

Strangely we look like we are alone on stage there but there were other families with us.

David Charles Williams was the godfather (3rd of the four "Charlie Boys") and Kelley's hair twin Kristina Kerouac was the godmother.

Behind us is Ryan Matthyse who is the Faith-Dyer worship leader. You will rarely meet a nicer, more Christian, or taller guy than Ryan.

As they baptized Christopher, they showed this picture behind us, much to the delight of the 400 or so people in the Worship Center. My good friend, Dante, remarked "boy it's a good thing he looks like his mom.". Thanks man.

After the service, our little camera magnet had to go pay homage to her newly christened brother.

Welcome home, Chris. You have been marked as one of God's children.

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