Friday, April 15, 2011

Looking Back - September 2009 - KI trip

This trip produced some of my favorite pictures that we have ever taken.

For example, while looking for butterflies, Kel stopped just long enough for me to take this picture which still gets me choked up each and every time I look at it.

Let's not kid around here though. The real purpose of this trip was to bring our beautiful little baby for the great grandparents to hold. Mission accomplished.

Kelley went down to the shore to dip her toes in the water with Matt who is (of course) already wet up to his armpits. Sigh.

Julie took this amazing perspective shot of Matthew staring out ov the lake from the deck.

This is another Julie special catching Matt in a rare moment of reflection and quiet.

While on our trip we took Chris down to see Grandma Bradburn. I'll never forget the look on her face as she told me "it's been a long time since I held one that little. Thank you."

Back at Eastaways, pretty miss Kelley shows off her toy on the shores. Matthew is dodging waves apparently. Although I'll have you notice this time we got smart and put him in his bathing suit.

Remember when I said some of our best pictures were on this trip? Look at this precious baby. (Both of them!)

Finally before leaving we got the whole gang together for a group picture.

Next up : Birthday Parties, Baptisms and Lots of Leaves - oh my!

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Location:Kelleys Island, OH

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