Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Looking Back - August 2009

The Williams Family Weekender has been on vacation for quite some time. In hopes of filling some of those gaps, here is a look back at August 2009 in pictures.

Christopher, being our last baby, has given us many precious moments to savor. These are a few of my favorites.

I fancied myself a photographer in 2009, so when I saw a beautiful full moon I grabbed the camera and tripod and headed down to the park. I couldn't make the shot work the way I could see it with my eyes (still can't figure out how to take moon shots) but I toyed around with my camera and came up with this which I thought was very cool.

Looks like we had time for a Grandpa Pete visit in August!

We also spent some time with the triplets at Grandma Chris' house.

Some little girl had a first day of school. Second Grade.

And we had some special "Grand" visitors.

Next up : we flash back to September and Christopher's first trip to Kelleys Island!

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