Thursday, January 01, 2009

iPod Touch 2G App Review : Bible by

I like to read devotions on the train. It helps pass the time and I can't help feeling that it's somewhat like eating an apple a day. I don't like carrying around a big huge book though and travel bibles have really small print.

Enter the bible app from

Having seen Craig Groeschel speak at the 2008 Leadership Summit, I had a pretty good feeling this would be a good product.

Offline, this app is a serviceable travel bible even if it lacks many popular translations.

Online, this app is a full study bible in your pocket, complete with annotations, every translation you have ever read and a few you haven't.

It also comes with a daily reading schedule complete with links. Did I mention the text size is adjustable for people with bad eyes?

Overall an extremely impressive app and one I can't live without.

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