Monday, February 25, 2008

Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards, I think, say as much about the person who gives them as the recipient. For example, these are cards from my grandmother and my wife's grandmother :

Classy, right? Note the sailboats and sunsets - clearly appealing to a person who grew up in the warmth of Kelleys Island's summers.

Now come the cards picked out by guys. Brace yourselves.

First up, my wife's Uncle Denny. First of all, I'm incredibly touched that he remembered my birthday at all. And what a way to remember it!

And the grand finalleee belongs to none other than MY DAD! If this blog were an Oscar, yer the winner, Dad...

Note : this post is subject to revision as more Birthday cards roll in...

1 comment:

Ned said...

Hey Jason, even if those birthday cards had not been labeled, I could have picked out the one sent by your Dad. Brillant minds think alike.